Riley Cup Roind 1 Results and Round 2 Draw

Round Two games will be played on Monday 17th April 2023. Questions will be sent by post as some of the home teams opted for paper questions and I do not want to mix paper and electronic distribution.

Quarter finals will be played on 24th April 2023, so I would appreciate it if you would send the results in with the same speed as last night.

Best wishes

Paul Davitt

Game   Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
First Round           Date 27 March 2023
1 The Old Bangers 12 48 v 54 18 Exiles
2 JC and the Jets 20 54 v 47 16 Aardvarks
3 Kluggers 5 51 v 45 20 Tramway
4 Monstrous Regiment 13 43 v 56 13 Plasterers
5 Nelson's 5th Column 16 46 v 56 10 Aigburth Swans
6 Bookworms 13 45 v 44 17 St Patricks
7 Lever Club 30 57 v 58 13 Aigburth People
8 Soapsuds 8 51 v 46 20 CTK Cavaliers
9 St Francis of Assisi 15 52 v 53 14 Wallaseyans
10 Judges 10 59 v 35 26 Standard Bearers
11 Bishop Eton 9 54 v 42 12 Palmy Army
12 Wandering Star 19 45 v 61 0 The Cricketers
13 Joey's Nomads 11 47 v 55 8 Oxton Cons
14 CTK Wanderers 15 43 v 53 19 Duncan's Doughnuts
15 Aigburth Cricket Club 23 47 v 49 19 Leyfield Crown
Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
Second Round           Date 17 April 2023
16 Duncan's Doughnuts 19   v   10 Judges
17 Plasterers 13   v   9 Bishop Eton
18 The Cricketers 0   v   8 Soapsuds
19 Kluggers 5   v   19 Leyfield Crown
20 Aigburth People 13   v   20 JC and the Jets
21 Aigburth Swans 10   v   14 Wallaseyans
22 Oxton Cons 8   v   13 Bookworms

Wirral Handicap Cup

Many congratulations to Joey’s Nomads, who won the first ever Wirral Handicap Cup competition, the Absent Friends Trophy, by the narrowest possible margin. They won both the semi-final and final on the very last question – nailbiting doesn’t do it justice.

Thanks go to Kris Jones for organizing the competition and setting most of the questions.

Handicap Cup Finals Night

The semi-finals and final will be played upstairs at the Lever Club on Monday 20th March 2023

A draw will be held at 7.45 p.m. to decide which teams play each other and the matches will start at 8 p.m. There will then be a break for refreshments before the final.

There is plenty of room for spectators, so come along and support your second favourite team if you’re not involved.

Full Houses

Congratulations to Jim Eccleson of Oxton Conservatives who finished the season on a high with a full house on Monday 27th February. In division two, Kris Jones of Aardvarks scored his first full house ever on Tuesday 28th February, so deserves an even bigger cheer. Well done to both players.


Wayne Shaw of Gladly Stoned has reclaimed the Martin Prendergast Cup by winning division one, while Mike McDonough will receive the Andrea Jones Trophy for division two. Although one game still has to be played, his lead is unassailable. Congratulations to both winners, who will be competing against each other next season.

Wallaseyans - Division 2 Champions

There is one match outstanding in Division2, the result of which will not affect the final positions.

Congratulations to Wallaseyans who have won the Division 2 title by the narrowest margin, with victory over Nelson's Fifth Column on the very last question.

Well done to Nelson's, as well, on their promotion. Aardvarks managed to squeeze into third position in their last match. Playing in Division 2 next year will be Hoylake LTC and Legionnaires, with Plasterers Arms doing the double over Gladly Stoned to save themselves in their last match.

Thanks to all Division 2 Secretaries from Dave and Steve Lomas, for the prompt reporting of scores and also thanks from Pam and Curt for a very high return of score sheets this season allowing an accurate calculation of Individual stats. To be confirmed after the last series of matches, but the winner of the Andrea Jones Shield is Mike McDonough of Nelson's - congratulations Mike!

All that remains is to wish good luck to all those teams taking part in the Absent Friends KO Handicap Cup which starts next Monday.


Full House - 20th Feb 2023

Congratulations to Neil Wright of Soapsuds who scored his second full house of the season in a match against Thingwall.

President's Shield 2023

Success for Wirral QL!

With two games remaining in the final round of matches, played 22 February, Wirral sat third in the table with 16 points behind Ormskirk (20) and Liverpool 2A (17). We firstly defeated Liverpool 2A with Ormskirk defeating Warrington.

We then had a resounding victory against Warrington and Liverpool 2A defeated Ormskirk, which meant Wirral and Ormskirk were tied on 24 points. To decide the winners of the Shield, points difference was taken into account and, thanks to our final big win, Wirral were declared the winners!

Congratulations to the team - Joe Davies, Pam Baker, Steve Lomas and Mike McDonough. Many thanks too for guest appearances from Caroline Kay and Len Davies for stepping in while yours truly was Down Under!

Steve Lomas (team captain)

Division 1 Champions 2022/23 - Soapsuds

Congratulations to Soapsuds who have won the Division 1 title with one game to spare.

Wirral MIMIR Heats 2023

A huge congratulations to Pam Baker on her first win in the Wirral Mimir on 15th February. We also believe she is the first ever female winner of the Wirral heat!
A superb final went down to the final question with Pam stealing the win from Sam Roberts. Jim Eccleson and Neil Wright completed the final line-up.

Mimir Competition - MQL/Wirral Individual Competition

The Wirral heat of the Mimir Individual Competition will take place once again at New Brighton Cricket Club this year

The date is Wednesday 15th February 2023 commencing 8pm and the competition is open to all Wirral Quiz League players

Wirral are normally allowed 7 qualifiers to the further stages of this competition which this year will also take place at New Brighton Cricket Club on Wednesday 22nd March.This event will involve other qualifiers from the other areas of the Merseyside Quiz League


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