Absent Friends Trophy Finals Night

Congratulations to the Plasterers Arms who last night won the Absent Friends Trophy after narrowly missing out in the final last year. It was great to see the event supported by so many spectators.

In the semi-finals, Plasterers defeated Wallaseyans and Nelson's Fifth Column beat Soapsuds.
The Final was a close affair with Plasterers just pulling ahead at the end.

Well done to Jon, who scored well in both matches, and his team and from Nelson's a good score by Frances in the semi and Mike in the Final kept Nelson's in it right till the end.

Many thanks to all teams who participated, it was a very enjoyable competition and the Group phase worked well, so every team had at least 3 matches.

Great thanks are due to Caroline from Soapsuds for providing the wonderful refreshments,
And last but not least, thanks to Kris for providing all the questions for the 6 quizzes - well done!

Hope you all enjoy a good summer and look out for the WQL AGM which will be held some time in June.

Ted Riley Cup - Round 1 Results and Round 2 Draw

Round 1 - 8th April

Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
1 Wallaseyans 14 56 v 46 18 JC and the Jets
2 St Francis of Assisi 11 42 v 44 7 Palmy Army
3 Aigburth People 10 49 v 46 11 Aadvarks
4 Wandering Star 18 53 v 50 9 Plasterers Arms
5 Aigburth Cricket Club 22 61 v 46 27 Lever Club
6 Tramway 16 55 v 41 17 Duncan's Doughnuts
7 Leyfield Crown 19 45 v 49 8 Aigburth Swans
8 The Old Bangers 12 56 v 51 17 CTK Cavaliers
9 Bookworms 11 51 v 44 17 St Patrick's
10 CTK Wanderers 15 47 v 51 4 Oxton Conservatives
11 Soapsuds 6 51 v 46 15 Taxes
12 McKies Magpies 22 48 v 49 11 Judges
13 Bishop Eton 7 49 v 47 0 The Cricketers
14 Kluggers 3 53 v 44 26 Standard Bearers
15 Exiles 12 50 v 45 14 Nelson's 5th Column

Round 2 - 22nd April

Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
16 Bishop Eton 7   v   6 Soapsuds
17 Judges 11   v   3 Kluggers
18 Aigburth Cricket Club 22   v   12 Exiles
19 The Old Bangers 12   v   8 Aigburth Swans
20 Aigburth People 10   v   4 Oxton Conservatives
21 Wallaseyans 14   v   15 Monstrous Regiment
22 Bookworms 11   v   7 Palmy Army
23 Tramway 16   v   18 Wandering Star


Absent Friends Trophy - Semis and Final

The Semi-final line up has now been completed with Plasterers Arms and
Soapsuds joining Nelson's Fifth Column and Wallaseyans.

Finals night is on Monday, 15th April at the Lever Club, starting at 8pm.
The Semi-Final draw will be made on the night. There will be refreshments available and all teams are cordially invited!

Ted Riley Cup 2024

Ted Riley Quiz Cup Competition 2024

Thirty-one teams will be competing for The Ted Riley Quiz Cup this year.  Clicking on a team's name below will take you to the relevant page on the Wirral or Liverpool website, with contact details and location. 

All correspondence will be by email.

The full draw is available at the competition page - click on the trophy ->

Competing Teams with Handicap

Clicking on the team name will take you to their page, sowing contact and location details.

  Team Handicap
1 The Cricketers 0
2 Kluggers 3
3 Oxton Conservatives 4
4 Soapsuds 6
5 Bishop Eton 7
6 Palmy Army 7
7 Aigburth Swans 8
8 Plasterers Arms 9
9 Aadvarks 11
10 Aigburth People 10
11 Exiles 12
12 Bookworms 11
13 Judges 11
14 St Francis of Assisi 11
15 The Old Bangers 12
16 Taxes 15
17 Tramway 16
18 Nelson's 5th Column 14
19 Wallaseyans 14
20 CTK Wanderers 15
21 Monstrous Regiment 15
22 CTK Cavaliers 17
23 Duncan's Doughnuts 17
24 St Patrick's 17
25 JC and the Jets 18
26 Wandering Star 18
27 Leyfield Crown 19
28 Aigburth Cricket Club 22
29 McKies Magpies 22
30 Standard Bearers 26
31 Lever Club 27

Electronic Questions Distribution

Twenty of the thirty-one teams have agreed to this method of questions distribution.

When they are at home they will receive the questions by email and the away team will be sent the second part of the password by email, please ensure that you take it to the game.

The remaining teams will be sent the questions by post.


Match Times

All games in round one, round two and quarter finals will start at 8.30pm.

Semi-finals and Final. The draw will take place at 7.50pm so that we can get a prompt 8pm start.

Scoring and timing

We will adopt the following rule for scoring and timing;

Each individual player shall be allowed to attempt to answer their own question for two points.

If they answer incorrectly, it can be attempted for one point by another member of their own team.

If this attempt is wrong, it then passes over to the opposition for one point.

Timing; 10 seconds for your own question, 5 seconds for the other team members to answer and five seconds for the opposition to answer.


The winning team should send the results to me by WhatsApp or email, immediately after the game, so that I have them by 10pm on the night of the game.  Each round's results ill be emailed to each team every week and posted on www.quizliverpool.org.uk and www.wirralql.org.uk


Team captains should advise me on the Monday night, then confer on the Tuesday and advise me by 8pm of the result of their consultation, by phone or email. If the team captains fail to agree; Paul Davitt, Jim Eccleson, Keith Clare and Angela Doyle will adjudicate by noon on the Wednesday.

Spare Questions

if electronic distribution is adopted this will not be necessary.

If a Question Set fails to arrive, you may obtain a spare set from me, or one of the following;

Angela Doyle 0151 722 1054 Jim Eccleson 0151 653 8649 Paul Davitt 0151 427 7617


Should you have any queries or questions regarding the competition please do not hesitate to contact me.

Paul Davitt

General Secretary Liverpool Quiz League


Email pauldavitt@virginmedia.com


End of Season Summary

The Wirral Quiz League Season has now come to an end and Congratulations to Tia The Hazel Gnome who won Division 1. Runners-up were Oxton Conservatives.

Congratulations to Aardvarks, who won Division 2 and are promoted along with Clarence Rovers and they replace Nelson's Fifth Column and Wallaseyans who are relegated.

The Martin Prendergast Trophy winner was Jim Eccleson, who narrowly beat defending champion Wayne Shaw. The Andrea Jones Trophy for Division 2 players was won by Steve Lomas, with another Aardvark, Martin Heale, as runner-up. Well done to all players.

Finally, the Wirral MIMIR heat was held on 22nd February and the winner was Jim Eccleson. Other finalists were Steve Lomas, Jon Stitcher and Richard Speechley.

We now look forward to the Absent Friends Handicap Trophy to be played throughout March (fixtures are here) and Finals night at Lever Club on April 15th. Good luck to all participants.

2024 Buzzer Tournament Photos

Some team photos from the 2024 buzzer tournament have been placed in the gallery on the MQL website at Gallery - Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Just click on the Buzzers 2024 folder to browse through them.

MQL Buzzer Tournament 2024

The final from this year's Buzzer Quiz is now available to watch.  Misfits took on Yorkshire at the end of a fine day's quizzing.

President's Shield

The Wirral team gave a valiant defence of the Shield but fell just one point short in the end. In the last round of matches, the team comfortably defeated table-toppers Liverpool 2A with Joe Davies getting a full house! In the final close match, the team beat Warrington and Mike McDonough registered 19 points in both games, In the other match, Liverpool 2A overcame Ormskirk and so won the Shield for the first time since 2016. Congratulations and many thanks to all those who represented the Wirral in this year's competition. 

Absent Friends Trophy

As the current League season is reaching its finale, we're now preparing for the second Absent Friends Trophy.

This is a Handicap competition for Wirral teams and this year we have 16 entrants. This means there will be four groups of four teams, with each team guaranteed three matches. The top two in each group will go forward to the Quarter-Finals.

The groups will be drawn at the end of the season based on final league positions and handicaps calculated based on average scoring.

Matches will be played on Mondays and Tuesdays with the following schedule:

Week 1 - w/c Monday 4th March;

Week 2 - w/c Monday 11th March;

Week 3 - w/c Monday 18th March;

Quarter-Finals - w/c Monday 25th March;

Semi-Finals and Finals Night - Monday 15th April (this is a blank week in the Riley Cup schedule) venue still tba.

We hope all teams enjoy the event and that it will be as successful as last year's inaugural event, won by Joey's Nomads

Wirral MIMIR Competition 2024

A Happy New Year to you-I hope you enjoyed your Xmas break and are looking forward to the recommencement of our League programme next week

With regard to our forthcoming Mimir Competion-please note that the date shown in the handbook is incorrect - the event will take place a week later than shown on Thursday 22nd February 2024

The venue is the same at New Brighton Cricket Club as is the start time of 8pm

Can you please pass this message to your squad - We have changed the playing night to Thursday to accommodate those players in the Online Quiz League to attend

In past years the turnout has been a lot less than expected so please try to encourage your team mates to attend what is always an enjoyable evening



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