We are sorry to tell you of the death of Bernie McGuigan, who most recently played for Aardvarks. This obituary was prepared by Steve Lomas, secretary of the Aardvarks team:

The Wirral Quiz League is saddened by the news of the passing of quiz stalwart Bernie McGuigan. In his Christmas email to the Aardvarks team he summed up himself his quizzing career of 48 years. He started playing with the Thatch, then the Columba club. When they moved venue, the team became St. Anne's (and he would be pleased to see the venue being used again now for quizzes). Finally he joined the Aardvarks team for whom he played for 8 happy years. His knowledge was extensive, particularly History and the Bible, for which his team-mates were very grateful! He appeared on TV on the old Fifteen-to-One programme and he was an extra in the crowd scenes for the filming of 'Chariots of Fire' at Bebington Oval. He loved to travel and before his illness was planning a trip to India. After a family wedding in Australia, by chance we were both on St. Kilda beach Melbourne on Christmas Day, but it was so crowded we missed each other! His last wish was to see his granddaughter get married in April, which he achieved comfortably. He was a great family man and also loved his socialising and reminiscing at quizzes - he will be greatly missed by his family and friends. His last words to us were 'Thanks for your friendship. Keep on Quizzing, guys, Good luck 👍'