What an incredible night at the Wirral heats of the Mimir! We had 22 players attending which was the most of any of the Merseyside areas and our final was won by just 1 point! 

Congratulations to Karl Whelan for winning the competition, Jim Eccleson was 2nd and Mike Greatbatch 3rd. The other qualifers for finals night are Sam Roberts, Peter Ferret, Dave Ryan and Chris Weston with Jon Stitcher as first reserve

Below are full results for every match

Preliminary round 1 - Ormskirk set 1

Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 18
Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 16
Fiona McDougall Shipwrecked 12
Rodney Watkins Extras 12



Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 22
Margaret Howe Bebington Hockey 13
Sheila Mahoney  Extras 11
Tony Bibby Magpies 10


Pat Arthur Oxton Conservatives 16
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 15
Ian Jack Plasterer's Arms 14
Neil Karisa Magpies 11


Quarter final - Southport and Formby set

Dave Ryan Thingwall 18
Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey  12
Pat Arthur Oxton Conservatives 8
Kris Jones Aardvarks 6


Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 13
Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 13
Pam Baker Soapsuds 13
Steve Lomas Aarvarks 11

Chris Weston won the heat after a play off(2-1-1), Jon Stitcher came 2nd after the second play off(2-1).

Quarter final - Ormskirk set 2

Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 21
Peter Ferrett Clarence 14
Margaret Howe Bebington Hockey 7
Dave Trent Shipwrecked 4


Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 19
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 14
Kevin Mather Extras 14
Peter Maddocks Bebington Hockey 10

Sam Roberts came 2nd in the heat after a play off  (3-2)

Semi final - Warrington set

Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey 10
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 8
Peter Ferrett Clarence 8
Dave Ryan Thingwall 6

Sam Roberts came 2nd after 3 Tiebreakers and then a nearest the bull question

Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 22
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatvies 13
Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 5
Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 4

Final - Liverpool set

Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 19
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 18
Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey 8
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 7