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Everyone at the Wirral Quiz League would like to offer our sincere condolences to the friends and family of Dave Rainford of Eggheads fame who has sadly passed away.

Dave was one of the nicest people you could meet and always had a kind word of encouragement for anyone starting out on their quizzing journey. He was not an MQL member but he attended Quiz in the North events in Liverpool and Hoylake and was a member of the Rochdale team that reached the Plate final of the MQL buzzer quiz in 2019. He will be sorely missed.

Division one champions

Congratulations to Toulouse Le Plot who have sealed the Division one title with 3 matches to spare. This is their first win since 2016 (when they were known as Not Forthcoming). Their quest for a perfect season has unfortunately come to an end but all at the Wirral Quiz League wish to congratulate them on a superb season.

The Division two title is likely to come down to the final game.


What an incredible night at the Wirral heats of the Mimir! We had 22 players attending which was the most of any of the Merseyside areas and our final was won by just 1 point! 

Congratulations to Karl Whelan for winning the competition, Jim Eccleson was 2nd and Mike Greatbatch 3rd. The other qualifers for finals night are Sam Roberts, Peter Ferret, Dave Ryan and Chris Weston with Jon Stitcher as first reserve

Below are full results for every match

Preliminary round 1 - Ormskirk set 1

Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 18
Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 16
Fiona McDougall Shipwrecked 12
Rodney Watkins Extras 12



Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 22
Margaret Howe Bebington Hockey 13
Sheila Mahoney  Extras 11
Tony Bibby Magpies 10


Pat Arthur Oxton Conservatives 16
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 15
Ian Jack Plasterer's Arms 14
Neil Karisa Magpies 11


Quarter final - Southport and Formby set

Dave Ryan Thingwall 18
Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey  12
Pat Arthur Oxton Conservatives 8
Kris Jones Aardvarks 6


Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 13
Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 13
Pam Baker Soapsuds 13
Steve Lomas Aarvarks 11

Chris Weston won the heat after a play off(2-1-1), Jon Stitcher came 2nd after the second play off(2-1).

Quarter final - Ormskirk set 2

Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 21
Peter Ferrett Clarence 14
Margaret Howe Bebington Hockey 7
Dave Trent Shipwrecked 4


Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 19
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 14
Kevin Mather Extras 14
Peter Maddocks Bebington Hockey 10

Sam Roberts came 2nd in the heat after a play off  (3-2)

Semi final - Warrington set

Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey 10
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 8
Peter Ferrett Clarence 8
Dave Ryan Thingwall 6

Sam Roberts came 2nd after 3 Tiebreakers and then a nearest the bull question

Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 22
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatvies 13
Chris Weston Hoylake LTC 5
Jon Stitcher Plasterer's Arms 4

Final - Liverpool set

Karl Whelan Hoylake LTC 19
Jim Eccleson Oxton Conservatives 18
Mike Greatbatch Bebington Hockey 8
Sam Roberts Plasterer's Arms 7



The Wirral heats of the MIMIR competition will take place on THURSDAY 6TH FEBRUARY AT 8PM AT NEW BRIGHTON CRICKET CLUB. All Wirral quiz league players are encouraged to attend. It is a really fun night and the top 7 players on the evening will qualify for the MQL MIMIR event to be held in March. 

If anyone wants to attend but would prefer to officiate than play then please let us know as we always need officials.

Please let Wirral chairman, Jon Stitcher know how many people from your team will be attending, his email address is under contacts. If you have any questions then just get in touch.

Anna Torpey

Some very sad news, Anna Torpey of Scumbag College has passed away. Her teammates have written the following obituary and it has been proposed that the new Handicap Competition trophy be named in her memory. Wirral Quiz League offer our sincerest condolences to her family, friends and teammates.

Anna Torpey was a rare member of the Wirral quiz community.

First, she was female. Secondly, she delighted in specialising in such low-brow topics as 'Big Brother' and 'X-Factor' and, finally, she was significantly below the average age of fellow quizzers.

Blessed with talent, intelligence, social skills, a fabulous family and a musical gift, she also had a very sharp wit accompanied by a dry sense of humour. Sadly, her gifts could not help her with her battle with cancer which she lost on Friday, 20th December, 2019.

Anna played for Wallasey Cricket Club quiz team from 2012 and its later incarnation, Scumbag College, in Wirral division 1, However, her poor health prevented her from making any appearances this season.

She had effectively concealed her illness for several years, so much so that opposition players were genuinely surprised when told of the reason for her absence this season. She was always gratified by the good wishes that so many teams passed to her via her team members.

A former pupil of St Mary's College, Wallasey and a graduate of St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University, she had myriad interests. Her musical contributions to her church and local community, as well as local primary schools, were legion. In addition, Anna was a question-setter for a wide variety of subjects on BBC's ‘Mastermind’, a programme she appeared in the final in 2008.

A singular and idiosyncratic thinker, she had trenchant opinions, but was always willing to discuss and debate rather than hector or harangue. Her humanity, decency and sincerity were obvious to all, and she will be sorely missed.

Our condolences go out to her husband, Chris, and their three children, Jude, Ted and Jean.

There is a generous proposal to dedicate the new Handicap Quiz Trophy to her honour and memory and this gesture is regarded warmly and graciously by her fellow team members.

Mastermind - Contestants Wanted


Congratulations to Martin Kay of Gladly Stoned who chalked up the first full house of the season!

MQL Buzzer Tournament 2019

Two Wirral Teams, and several other Wirral players took part in the second annual MQL Buzzer Tournament, which took place in Liverpool on 12th October.  Twenty teams from around the country took part and you can watch the final, between the Lancaster and Ormskirk Quiz League side below.

Presentation and pairs evening

Our annual presentation and pairs evening takes place on Sunday 29th September at Oxton Conservative Club. 8pm start.There will be a qualifying quiz and then the top pairs will progress to a 15-1 style final. All Wirral and Liverpool players are welcome to attend. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Handicap Competitions

Division 1
Team Handicap
Bebington Hockey 14
Brewer's Arms Neston 14
Clarence 13
Extras 4
Gladly Stoned 0
Hoylake LTC 12
Legionnaires 9
Oxton Conservatives 1
Plasterers Arms 10
Scumbag College 7
The Gasworks Gang 11
Thingwall 11
Toulouse Le Plot 3
Wallaseyans 10


Division 2
Team Handicap
Aardvarks 5
Browns 13
Cheshire Cheese 6
Early Doors 12
Irby Nomads 3
Lever Club 13
Magpies 8
Nelson's Fifth Column 4
Our Lady's 7
Roundheads 2
Shipwrecked 8
Soapsuds 0
Taxes 1


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