Riley Cup Round 1 & 2

The results of the first round of the Riley Cup, and the fixtures for Round 2, to be played on 24th April, can be found on the Liverpool Quiz League website at

MIMIR Heats 2017

MIMIR Heats 2017

The heats of the 2017 MIMIR competition were held at New Brighton Cricket Club on the night of 22nd March.  The full results can be seen on the MQL site at

The finalist will be Charles Johnsom (Ormskirk), Rod Moore (Liverpool), Tom Farley (Southport & Formby) and Karl Whelan (Wirral)

League Final Standings

After a very exciting run in to the season in both divisions, the final week of the season was needed to decide the outcome of both competitions.

In the First Division, Glady Stoned finally won by two clear points, with Oxton Conservative making a strong comeback to pip Hoylake LTC and Still Not Forthcoming (who will presumably now have to change their name) for the runners up spot.

In Division 2, a hard fought competition saw The Plasterers arms beat Taxes on points difference only, them both having an identical record of 18 wins and six losses.

Riley Cup 2017

Liverpool Quiz League is organising the 2017 Riley Cup Competition.

There are 39 teams competing for the Ted Riley Cup this year, all correspondence will be by email (except for the questions!)

The draw has been made for the first three rounds, they will be played on 10th and 24th April 2017 and 8th May, all games in these rounds will commence at 9pm.  The fixtures can be found in the Fixtures Calendar.

The quarter finals, semi-finals and final will commence at 8.00pm on 15th May 2017, at Aigburth People’s Hall, L17 0DJ. The draw taking place on the night.

Scoring and timing
As in previous years we will adopt the following rule for scoring and timing;
Each individual player shall be allowed to attempt to answer their own question for two points.
If they answer incorrectly, it can be attempted for one point by another member of their own team.
If this attempt is wrong, it then passes over to the opposition for one point.
Timing; 10 seconds for your own question, 5 seconds for the other team members to answer and five seconds for the opposition to answer.

The winning team should send them to me, immediately after the game (so that I have them by 10pm on the night of the game), by text to 07758 464 110 (leaving the names and scores for each team) or email As there is a short time between games I would appreciate that you comply with this request, as there is very little time to send out the next set of questions.

In the event of a protest, team captains should advise me on the Monday night, then confer on the Tuesday and advise me by 8pm of the result of their consultation, by phone or email. If the team captains fail to agree; Paul Davitt, Jim Eccleson, Keith Clare and Angela Doyle will adjudicate by noon on the Wednesday.

Spare Questions;
If a Question Set fails to arrive, you may obtain a spare set from one of the following;

Angela Doyle 0151 722 1054 Jim Eccleson 0151 653 8649 Paul Davitt 0151 427 7617

You may follow the progress of the competition on the Liverpool Quiz League Website 

All teams will have the results emailed to them each week.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding the competition please do not hesitate to contact me.

Good luck to you all and I hope you enjoy the competition.

Paul Davitt
General Secretary Liverpool Quiz League

Promotions to Division 1

The Plasterers Arms and Taxes both secured promotion to Division 1 this week, though the Division 2 Championship is still up for grabs, with both teams being on 34 points with one game to play.  Plasterers have a slight advantage, being ahead on points difference.

The Plasterers would like to dedicate their season to former secretary John Davies, who passed away last summer.

Wirral MIMIR Competition

The Wirral heat of the Mimir Trophy will take place again this year at New Brighton Cricket Club at 8pm on Thursday 2nd February 2017. This is the individual competition and is open to all players in both divisions of the Wirral QL.

The later MQL heats of the Mimir are also taking place at New Brighton Cricket Club this year, at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017, so Wirral qualifiers from the local heat will not have far to travel.

Karl Whelan

Congratulations must go out to Karl Whelan, who has scored a full house in four consecutive matches for Hoylake LTC in Division 1 so far this season.

Norman Dugdale - Sad News

From John Wahlers:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don't know if any of your current quizzers will know or remember Norman Dugdale, who most recently quizzed for the New Brighton Cricket Club Extras, but I want to let the League know that he passed away peacefully after a short illness on Monday 2nd of January this New Year.  Norman has been actively and enthusiastically quizzing since the 1970's, when he was part of the MANWEB team as far as I can tell from his extensive notes, but his involvement may go back even further. I am sure some of your more senior members would be able to correct me if I am wrong.  Any history or anecdotes that people may wish to share will be very happily received.  His partner Evelyn Peachey who passed away in 2003 was also an active Quizzer.

Norman finally gave up serious quizzing in the Leagues about two years ago after heart problems but I know from recent conversations that he missed the social interaction and the excitement and challenge of the events right up to the end.

His funeral and cremation will be at Landican Cemetery on Wednesday the 25th of January 2017 at 11:30 in the morning and anyone who wishes to attend will be very welcome.

Thank you.

John Wahlers (Norman's Cousin)

Player looking for a Team

Alex McCarron of Liscard is looking to join a team.  He describes his strengths and weaknesses as follows:

Mathematical Physics graduate. Trainee Teacher. 21 Years Old. Taste in Older Music (70s, 80s, 90s, Punk, Metal, Rock and Roll, etc.), Extensive Football Knowledge, as well as American Football Knowledge. Moderate to Good Knowledge of History. Good Knowledge of Science. Weak to Moderate Knowledge of Pop Culture

If you think you could offer him a place in your squad, please contact him by email at or by phone on 07460341800

How Quizzing Got Cool

The BBC showed a fascinating programme about quizzing on 30th November, and it is available on iPlayer for the next month if you did not see it.  Click on the image below to go to the BBC iPlayer site.


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